KLW Wood Products, a leading manufacturer and supplier of door-sets and related products had been in business since the early 1980s. With an aggregate of more than 75 years of wood working experience and knowledege in the timber industry by our forefathers as well as 20 years in supplying and markets of its door-sets to residential, commercial and industrial property markets in major parts of the world across the region, that had enabled us to internationalize our products globally as well as gained appreciation and understanding the importance of cultural differences with our foreign partners. Countries include Singapore,Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, HongKong, Sri-Lanka, Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, and United States etc."
Our products includes timber door, flush door, engineered door, solid door, project door and customised door."

The production facility is located in Simpang Renggam, Johor, Malaysia. We have an aggreate gross production floor area of approximately 270,000sq ft, with state of the art computerized equipments and machineries providing for an average production capacity of 15,000 door-sets per month. Being an end-user ourselves, we understand what end-user wants most; therefore quality & durability have never been secondary at KLW. It's our pride as well as commitment and we will work hard in providing you with best door-sets that will last for generations.
We have also been constantly improving our product quality and developing innovative products that are highly useable & ecologically friendly.
As one of Malaysia's largest exporter of door-sets and products
, we are ready committed and confidence in serving you with nothing but the best. We will be pleased in providing any informations on our comprehensive products for your kind perusal.

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